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NARPM Southern States Conference 2023

June 26-29, 2023 | Greenville, SC


Southern States Speakers

PANEL 1 - "Strap on Your Platform Shoes: The Essential Tools Every Property Manager Should Have in Their Toolkit!"

Picture of Keeton Alder
Keeton Alder - PestShare (Affiliate) Moderator

Keeton Alder is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pest Share and a graduate of the University of Utah. He has a deep love for technology and how it can make the lives of others better through automation and simplification. Keeton spent his early career working with small, local businesses by helping them harness the power of web technology to obtain more customers and better serve their existing customers through automation. If Keeton isn't hosting small business growth meetups or hacking into the next AI craze, then you can find him exploring the mountain lakes in the Wasatch Mountains with his incredible wife & his rambunctious husky.